29 Jun 2016

One Dress Four Styles Take 4

It took me quite a long time to finally get round to doing this post. By setting myself a restriction of doing those in the order in which I acquired things, I reached this OP a lot sooner than I otherwise would have – and because I know that I struggle to create a different look with it, that mental barrier was a tough one to overcome. But here it is, full four looks with AP’s Merry Making Party OP in yellow, and not a single one has been recycled from either the Easter coord or the Loliversary post, although some themes/inspirations may remain.

22 Jun 2016

Feeling Floral

While labels are pretty constricting, since there are no rules that one must be ONLY a Sweet, Classic or Gothic Lolita, we do all have our own styles and preferences. Sometimes these match up with whatever labels we apply to differentiate between sub-styles, and sometimes they don't. Very often, however, our styles and preferences can change as we learn new things and as we ourselves change.

15 Jun 2016

Lolita Life Goals

It’s easy to get a bit too focused on the things to have within Lolita fashion: get this dream dress, buy that headpiece, acquire this blouse, trade one item for another… The only exception is making things, sewing or crafting, but in a way even that is about “having”. I agree with the people who are uncomfortable with the term “bucket list” unless they’re actually facing a possibility of dying soon, so let’s call this a Lolita Life Goals list.

10 Jun 2016

DIY Ribbon Hair Clips

I’ve been meaning to make some hair accessories for quite a while. However, when I tried to make a bow following a YouTube tutorial, I couldn’t do it for some reason.

Then, completely out of the blue, during May Bank Holiday, I had an epiphany. And this led to a proper crafting spree!

7 Jun 2016

A Petti Investment

Some things are not just worth investing in – it’s almost necessary to invest in them. It applies to pretty much everything, from food to estates. And with Lolita the real foundation pieces, the ones that make or break the look, definitely shouldn’t be skimped on. An advice I finally decided to act upon and invest in some proper petticoats.

4 Jun 2016

Angelic Pretty in Paris

All hail the Lolita gods! This is an incredibly exciting piece of news regardless of anything.

Taken from AP main website.

Mid-May AP announced that they’ll be opening a shop in Paris this July, which will be celebrated with a tea party as well. As much as I’d love to go to the tea party as well (in fact I am hunting for all updates and I’ll do my best to actually go), just having the option to physically shop AP in Europe is enough to make me squeal with joy.

At first there was (and maybe still is?) confusion as to whether they’re opening a regular boutique or a pop-up shop, but on Thursday the official Facebook page was launched, where their first status suggested a permanent location, which is definitely great news. I didn’t really need any extra motivation to go back to Paris, all the museums/galleries I didn’t get to visit last time (and while I’m still of the age where I can get free entry) are reason enough, but it is a massive, massive bonus.

I wonder how much things will cost there. I understand that an overseas branch has to include shipping costs and local tax differences into account when pricing items, but I’m still curious. In all fairness, a trip to Paris to buy the slightly pricier things may still work out just the same or even better than buying from Japan (because eff you, UK customs). When I went to the Paris Baby store, the prices have shocked me a little, but at the same time, I was still a poor student then, so of course they would. As an adult working full-time I’m hoping to find Angelic Pretty price tags that little bit nicer to look at.

Anyway, I am super, super excited about this! As I said, I’ll be trying to get tickets to the tea party, it’s one of the things I’d love to do as a Lolita, plus it’d give me a better excuse to go to Paris than just shopping.

How about you? Any of you living in Europe who would be able to benefit from this grace from the Lolita gods? :P

2 Jun 2016

Lolita who Inspires Me

As I’m sure you’re all aware, because Lolita fashion is so niche, the best ways to improve and polish your own style are by experimenting and by observing others. However, there’s only so far that you can get with experimenting, as everyone ends up hitting some sort of boundary to their own imagination, and then looking at how others are doing it is the only way to break out of that stage of stagnation. So, even though it’s way past the wardrobe posts season, when you’d normally find posts like this, here’s one Lolita whose style I find incredibly inspiring.


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