21 Mar 2017

Cheap All-Brand Coords

There is a reason why a lot of newbies stay away from brand and that is price. Whether one doesn’t have that kind of money or doesn’t want to spend this much before being certain that they want to commit themselves to Lolita fashion, for many people their first brand item comes in a lot later. The whole “brand is always expensive” mentality certainly doesn’t help to encourage anyone to try it out earlier, so I made this post in the hope to show that actually there is brand to be had for the price of a decent Taobao item.

17 Mar 2017

Chocolate Bar Coord

We talk a lot about Chocolate Lolita and chocolate coords, elevating them to the status of one of the major themes in Sweet Lolita, completely separate from other food prints. While there are many ways to consume chocolate, the one that’s sometimes all too easy to fall for are chocolate bars – so why not pay a tribute to your favourite one with a coord?

14 Mar 2017

If I was a rich girl

Let’s be honest, we all sometimes wish that we had an infinite amount of money to spend on our Lolita habits. Whether you’re chasing after some gems from the past or want all the new releases, this fashion is costly. But would having all this money to indulge in the fashion really be such a great thing? Let’s find out.

10 Mar 2017

Comfy and Cosy Lolita Outfits

Lolita isn’t always the most comfortable fashion. There are times, however, when you want to be comfortable and look cute in your frills – what to do then?

7 Mar 2017

One Dress Four Looks Take 10

Haenuli’s Whipped Cream Kitty is all the more special to me in that it was a present from my boyfriend (mind you, a present I found, purchased through my Lacemarket account and then got refunded for, but still). Now it also has wonderful memories attached to it as I wore it to day one of Wicked and Whimsy where I had a total blast and got to meet Nunu from Haenuli in her very own dress. There’s always something new to be found in the print and this keeps giving me inspiration for new ways to wear it.

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